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tv   Right This Minute  CBS  October 8, 2013 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman. let's get this week started with some great videos from the web "right this minute." a helmet cam captures a firefighters close call. >> this thing is engulfing flames. >> what happens when it all comes tumbling down. when a birth on the boardwalk turned out to be a prank, a lot of people weren't laughing.
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now, the woman behind the big fakeout reveals what happened after. >> they took you to a mental hospital and you broke out. >> i snuck out. a dentist with nerves of steel extracted her own wisdom tooth. >> you can't do that. >> see why, yes, she can. and, a new trick to solve an old problem. >> all you got to do is just pull that little rip cord and, boom. >> get the lowdown on bra-be-gone. >> that is so dumb. firefighters on their way to a call when they get the call, they realize it is a fully involved house fire. as soon as they get there, they realize, yep, this thing is engulfing flames. they also know that the building is unoccupied. right there, they make the decision to not enter the building, fight it from the outside, otherwise, taking a defensive strategy. the video captured by the fire cam right on the side of the helmet of this firefighter.
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>> it popped out right away, because the house isn't occupied, the lawn isn't done. you have that shrubbery that makes it a risk. >> one of the biggest threat they are facing is the gable up over the top of the front door. it is clearly on fire and they are keeping an eye on it. they quickly try and douse it a little bit, get some water on it and try and cool that off and spray some water on there as well. >> i would be nervous. >> that firefighter tries to knock down the gable eliminating the risk. >> when you see a gable and house on fire like that, tha e horror movie. >> there it goes. it finally let's loose just feet from this firefighter. watch it again. the firefighter turns his head to get out of the way. you don't see it come down. >> look at that e was really close to that. >> you clearly see the proximity of the firefighter to that collapsing part of the building, a close call. >> it didn't scare him at all. he just moezyed out of the way
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and kept on about his job. >> once that threat was eliminated, he was able to step inside. watch how quickly, he was able to stop that fire. two engines and six firefighters. it took them about an hour before they were back on the clock for another call. not so long ago, i showed you guyings this interesting scene toe say the least on the coney island boardwalk. initially, we thought, holy smokes, this lady is having a baby. we saw the water break here, all kinds of stuff on the ground, this fellow, the bald guy, was apparently the babe bay daddy. a lady in the yellow bikini, some weird love triangle. they took this blonde girl away into the ambulance. it turns out the whole entire thing was a prank. that substance you are seeing on the ground was a mashup of cereal, beans and sauce. this prank put on by miss muffin
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praengs. she has a website where she does all kinds of praengs that you might consider risky. her real name is zi da pew. she is joining us. at the end of the video, we saw you put into the ambulance and taken away. when did you communicate to them this was a prank. >> when i went inside the ambulance, i still was in character mode. the guy had told the emt lady. she said, we want to see how far you are. he said, let me check you. i was like, no, no, no, no, don't check me. i'm not pregnant. he cut open the dress and he saw the fake belly. his reaction was, you are not pregnant. this is a joke? what is this? when i was in there, i had to stay there. he was trying to keep me there for like two days or so to see if i'm okay and stuff. when they was not looking, i had
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ran out. >> they took you to a mental hospital and you broke out? >> i snuck out. >> there seems to have been a lot of effort and a lot of resources that police used thinking that you were a woman in jeopardy. do you feel any responsibility for that? >> i didn't know so much ambulance was gonna come. >> are they planning on charging you for the taxpayer dollars that went to dealing with your emergency? >> no. i never heard from the police after that. >> you think you are going to continue to do pranks like this or are you going to maybe change things up? >> i might change up but not too much. i know a lot of people don't like the pranks i do. they are too risky. >> the university in hungary implemented a brand new dress code. very conservative. men must wear dark suits and shoes. women must wear jackets, blouses, no shirts or trousers,
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no shorts, flip splops, no strong perfumes, no blatant use of accessories. >> you would get fined right now. >> i totally would. this was implemented by the new president. you see ten art students. this isn't them just showing up for class. this is a protest. so they all get up dressed the way they are supposed to be dressed and immediately, they start taking off their clothes, because this class is going to be naked. >> man, i wouldn't get anything done in that class. a class full of girls too. if your the one guy in this class, you are like, thank god i didn't sleep in today. >> well, who are they protesting if they are just staying in this class and not really going anywhere? they should march across campus like this? >> the rule applies only when you are in class or taking an exam. so this is them protesting being in class while naked. >> i think they could find a
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happy medium. the nude, i don't think anybody will get done legitimately. >> the other, it is too much to wear in a class. a happy medium, between nude and business casual. >> i agree. they are planning another protest october 7th. they plan to wear only flip-flops and towels. dentist, veronica edwardson, extracted her own wisdom tooth. what? >> no, you can't do that. >> yes, you can. there you see her with the anesthetic and the needle. she gave herself a shot to numb her mouth. she said two years ago, she told an oral surgeon she trained under, i need this wisdom tooth taken out. he was like, do it yourself. that idea percolated in her head for two years. one day, she had ten minutes of free time, she thought, you know what, it is bothering me, i'll take care of it. >> if you can do it, why not? >> as a dentist, she knows what we go through now. >> she gets these pliers and she
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starts working and cranking. >> the secretary who is taking the video, she gets up close and personal. >> her face does get little bloody marks. >> oh, my god. >> here we go. >> oh. look at her. she is twisting. here it comes. >> oh, man. >> look at that root. that thing was in there. >> i can't believe she did it. >> but she gave herself the anesthetic. it took less than seven minutes for her to pull that tooth out. >> wouldn't you that they charge you so much for those extractions. this took less than ten minutes and they charge me $9,000. >> she saved on her co-pay.
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it is raining money but not for a good reason. >> this is like a scene from a movie, because he is dropping bills along the way on the street as these guys are trying to get away. what the bad guys got away with in this risky robbery. and, look out ahead! why there is more to this jump than wowing tourists.
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z. it's a beautiful thing when
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you can combine doing what you love and doing good for others. that's what k-2 adventures does. they are base can cli a travel tourism adventure company. here, you see them in tanzania about ready to climb mount kill la man jaro. you can go on the adventures. they climb mountains and go on safaris but while they are there, they also give back. they help schools and orphans and children with disabilities. they help blind kids, they help provide medical attention and dental care for these kids while they are there. they also help people with disabilities. you guys may remember kyle ma r mayor. he was born without arms and legs. k-2 is the group that helped him get to the top of mount kill ma juror roe. >> it made us feel worth less.
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>> they guide lots of trips and they are joining us from katmandu in nepal. what's this most recent trip for? >> today, we are getting ready to go and visit a local orphanage here in town. these kids unfortunately have lost one or both of their parents in climbing accidents near in nepal. we are taking our team over to make a difference in their lives and make their lives better. >> how did you start this and why? >> when i first met kristen, her background was nonprofit. my background was climbing. every time i went on a trip or an expedition, we did some sort of community service. i wanted to make it bigger. we formed k-2 adventure foundations together. we go to nepal, peru, tan zan knee aand argentina. it is community service based or travel based. >> share with us an anecdote or something that stands out as cool. >> kyle was born as an con gel tall amputee.
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his whole life, people told him no. if you want to climb mount kill man jaro, we will help you get the right equipment. we took him to africa. he climbed mount kill ama juror roe. he came back to the united states and went on to win for disabledthlete. >> if i go on a trip, am i going to be working? >> about 20% is community service and 80% is enjoyment but people can do 100% of community service. it kind of depends on what trip you pick. a few animal videos for you guys. let's face it, you could watch them all day long. first, we're going to head to one of our favorite aces, kruger national parkn south africa. this is a pretty short video but it ismesmerizing. watch this. >> what is that? >> that's a kudu, in the antelope family. that kudu being chased by the
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lion ness jumped over and clears an suv, from a high-jumping kudu, to a not-afraid-of-heightsskinot-af - not-afraid-of-squirrel. the squirrel has been up there and it finally moves. >> whoa! >> sounds like the entire office is there. >> i think they are. when the camera pans around, look at how many people are watching the squirrel. >> wow, they've been trapped in that office way too long. >> oh, no. >> this is our friend, dr. ernie ward. he is a veterinarian on the coast of carolina, also known as
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america's pet advocate. he has taken little harry out for a paddle board ride. >> he has a light jacket on him. it looks like a cape. >> ocean aisle, north carolina, a gorgeous part of the country and a lot of fun for harry. this surveillance video is a little bit deceiving. moscow, russia. it is not what's happening inthe store. it is what's happening outside. see that red circle in this video. that's a group of robbers robbing another place nearby. you can see them loading in and loading out of that while truck. they robbed a euro network, a mobile phones and electronics store. it is a chain. you can see them loading in and out of that white truck. in this other video of the same instance on the same street, we are getting to see a little bit more of this. look at the guys running out. shots were fired during this. they apparently also injured one
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of the euro networks employees during this robbery. >> was the guy part of the group that was robbing or a citizen walking down the street that got caught up? >> it looks like he is just a ped. watch this part. as that guy is running through, there is money. he has a bag of money. this is like a scene from a movie. he is dropping bills along the way on the street. they fled in two vehicles and ended up getting away with a bag of cash. here, you here some of the shots fired. >> people are ducking and running. >> that's a busy street. >> absolutely. they got away with an undisclosed amount of cash from this place. >> a muscle car showdown and what happens? it is all caught on camera. >> what was that? >> see it next right this minute. still to come, why eat your food whethn you can just smell .
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you can sit there and eat your rice and smell your phone and you feel like you are eating teriyaki chicken on rice. >> the app that has you feeling satisfied. no tasting involved a perfectly good sand dune. >> why not try and slip down. why this slide is more of a bumpy ride.
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the world just got a whole lot better for the suities out there. >> introducing a whole new approach to food, tasting and savering food with your noise. >> nosey and food are becoming one. to break this down, we are going to bring in our foodie tech guy, zach. hey, zach, you tasty treat you. what is it? >> this is a kit that comes with a senty card ridge that will spew out a smell and a companion
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iphone app that will allow you to smell different foods so it will feel like you are eating with some kind of meat or other food in it. >> terry ybacky chicken. you can eat your rice and smell your phone and suddenly, you feel like you are eating the terri yok key chicken. >> i want to do an experiment on you. see if this works. close your eyes. i have a tasty treat. you can open that up. don't look at it. >> i don't know if i trust you. >> i am opening what i believe to be a jolly rancher. >> plug your nose and put that in your mouth and try to see if you can tell what flavor it is. >> it hardly tastes sweet. >> i am going to say green apple but it is hard to tell. >> open up your nose. >> grapefruit. >> is it watermelon? >> they are both grape.
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>> your sense of flavor is actually a combination between a lot more senses than just taste. >> olfactory nerves need to be stimulate zd this is coming out in japan, december 15th. >> the big bang in yakaniku savered with one's nose. >> a group of people were out canoeing in the northeastern part of the united states. it ram manies through new hampshire and maine when they came across this awesome sand dune up on the banks of the river. why not try and slip-slide down it. >> molly bails. she is going to attempt it. >> hard core extreme. >> oh, no! >> molly bales bailed. >> why is this so spectacular every time? >> you kind of saw this coming with her choice of rafts. you might need to grease that up a little bit. >> another girl gives it a shot. >> all right, go!
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>> she gets ejected ju like that. >> hard core extreme! it's the brassiere made easier. >> brand new technology taking from the b.a.s.e. jumping and sky dive world. >> why men around the globe are going to want to get their
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i am about to introduce you
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to one of the coolest, most cutting edge bands right out of brazil. ♪ >> this is the band of broken ten. i feel oddly like we're at a poll ka. >> the accordian will do that. i like the no-shirt look. who cares. >> it is good. it has a lot of flavor. >> pay close attention to the shirtless player with the white shorts to the right. >> he is using his whole entire environment. i think he just used the drug. >> the mouth. this is cool. check this out. >> what the heck? >> he is playing off the hard hat on that guy's head. >> he seems like the happiest man on the planet. >> you can tell they are in a very humble community. they are happy, and i love that. ♪ i've got a brand new product
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to show you guys that is sure to be a relationship saver. guys, you are welcome. >> are you tired of the embarrassment and frustration due to those pesky bra hooks, leaving her with the time to rethink why she is giving you the time of day. >> we can do it with our hands behind our back. i have never understood why guys have so much trouble with it. >> specially when they have a vested interest in doing this. >> we don't unhook bras every day. it is not sometimes as ease why i for us. this is more for like if you are 15. >> brand new technology taking from the b.a.s.e. jumping and sky drive world to a bra. >> introducing the hassle-free, quick-release bra. >> bra be gone is the name of this bra. it uses the three-ring system. all you have to do is pull that little rip cord and, boom! instead of a parachute coming out, pillows, balloons. >> that is so dumb. >> proven in high-risk
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situations. >> that would take for flipping ever and that would not look very good under your clothes. >> that's terrible. >> you have this drainage pipe. >> good luck getting a woman to wear that. >> wait. there is more. >> we will give you the amazing panty release for free. >> you cut those panties right off. >> everybody settle down. as if you hadn't figured it out already, this isn't a real product. this was put together by epic tv. >> but still quite a funny idea. since men mostly spend the money on lingerie, why not invest in technology like this. >> it doesn't look very secure. it looks like at any point that thing could come undone. >> i don't see a problem with that, do you? >> that's it for rtm. we'll see you next time.


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